Trigger Point: The Hail Mary Healing Chronicles of a Yuppie Redneck Drifter


When a successful San Francisco graphic designer goes on a worldwide healing journey in search of a cure to her compounding chronic pain problems, a host of indigenous, shamanic and alternative healers reveal that she must first revisit the unresolved traumas of her tumultuous Rust-Belt childhood––while simultaneously unlearning the compulsive behaviors she developed during her red-hot pursuit of the American dream––before she can ever hope to be well again.

This blog is dedicated to the stories, travel tips and philosophical musings of Cassandra Smolcic: a freelance designer, photographer and writer who pulls inspiration from an eclectic assortment of experiences and global backdrops. A rough and tumble tomboy and a rebellious teenager, turned ambitious college academic and corporate career women, turned vagabonding world-traveler, her layered personal identity gives her writing a unique, multidimensional perspective. Cassandra's writing about chronic pain, trauma recovery, alternative healing, travel and metaphysics can also be found on Medium, and you can follow her travel images on Instagram @cassandra.smolcic