The Hail Mary Healing Chronicles of a Yuppie Redneck Drifter

When a successful San Francisco graphic designer goes on a worldwide healing journey in search of a cure to her chronic illness, a host of indigenous, shamanic and alternative healers reveal that she must first revisit the unresolved traumas of her tumultuous, Rust-Belt childhood before she can ever hope to be well again.

This blog is dedicated to the stories, travel tips and musings of Cassandra Smolcic: a former Rust-Belt tomboy, university academic, and corporate graphic designer (who’s worked for clients like Pixar, Visa, Google and Coca-Cola). In early 2016, she traded it all in for the life of a slow-traveling nomad who now does freelance designphotography and writing while living abroad. Follow her on Instagram @cassandra.smolcic.